Athletics are at the heart of American culture. They fuel our sense of comradery, instill the values of hard work and perseverance in our children, and they drive our economy. All across the country, cities and towns are transformed into destination hot spots because of their professional sports stadiums.

You can see the same outcomes at the local level too. Whether it’s an indoor fieldhouse, outdoor sports park, or a high-end healthplex, athletic facilities help give growing towns and cities a competitive advantage over their neighboring counties. The right venue doesn’t just give your residents year-round access to quality entertainment—it sets your community up for a bright and successful future.

Our Process

The Klipsch-Card team doesn’t just help you build your facility—we’re here to give you the ultimate turn-key experience. In order to make the process as streamlined as possible, we customize our 5-step game plan to match you and your area’s needs. There are a lot of factors in play, but we’ve got the right people on our team to make your dream a reality.

1. Scout

We start with a conference call to get a glimpse into your goals and vision. From there, we’re ready to hit the ground running. We schedule an on-site visit to assess your area and take a closer look at your infrastructure and heat maps. Location is key. Your facility needs to be strategically placed so future developments—such as hotels, restaurants, and highways—can fit right in.

2. Design

Once we’ve pinpointed your ideal site, we advance to the next stage of development. This is when it really starts to get exciting. We’ve assembled an elite team of architects and designers who work to highlight your facility’s main features. Down to the smallest detail, we’ll make sure your blueprints adhere to a gold standard of style and functionality.

3. Fund

At Klipsch-Card, we place a big importance on teamwork and developing relationships that are built on trust. We’re not just offering clients our own advice—we’re bringing our entire rolodex to the table. Our connections with investors all over the country and close ties to Fortune 500 companies will help you bring in the sponsorships and financial partnerships your facility needs to take off.

4. Build

When you’re finally ready to build, it can seem like a mad dash to the finish line. Our team works to assist with project management right at the ground level and all the way to completion. It’s our job to make sure construction is completed within your budget and on time. We also follow up with all the permits and logistics of your building plans to make certain everything is done aboveboard.

5. Manage

Our experience in running sports centers and consumer-centered businesses gives our clients a strategic advantage. We’ll get the right people where they need to be to ensure your facility runs smoothly day-in and day-out. From security systems and legal counsel, to the sound systems your players and sports fans love—we’re here to set you up for a slam dunk.

The Home Court Advantage

A big part of building community spirit is having a place where friends and neighbors can gather together. There’s nothing quite like the grand opening of a sports venue to attract new attention to your area and get your residents excited. Before long, your facility can start hosting tournaments and other weekend events all throughout the year.

Every winning team has a great coach on the sidelines. Let Klipsch-Card be that for your new facility. Contact us today to learn more.